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Jan Rericha, czech sculptor - medial recherche
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Marble musical instruments

Medial recherche


Royal Report: The Ultimate Art? (september 2008)

Pelhřimovský deník: The city Pelhřimov can obtain the unique statue of liberty (10th of September 2008)

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24 Hodin: Řeřicha builds a big horse (5th od June 2007)

VTM Science: The stone guitar (May 2007)

On-line czech news Štěpán Rak presented the guitar from marble (18th of January 2007)
Link to the article (czech lang.): Štěpán Rak představil publiku kamennou kytaru

MF Dnes: Czech guitar virtuoso profesor Štěpán Rak with marble guitar (13. 12. 2006)

www: Štěpán Rak
Translation of the article: Prof. Rak played the marble guitar
Performance of the Czech guitarist Štěpán Rak took place at the culture center Novodvorská, Praha 4, yesterday, December 12th 2006. This time Rak surprised his audience by playing an unique stone guitar. "It is a magnificent instrument which is the unique on the world", said Rak. Guitar was made by Czech sculptor Jan Řeřicha who already introduced a marble violin in June 2003.

24 Hodin: He made the Spanish guitar from stone (8. 11. 2006)

Noviny Prahy 12: Resophonic marble guitar resounded Modřanský Biograf (august 2006)

Magazín 2000 záhad: Unique artifacts: The guitar from marble (No. 13 / 2006)

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Večerník Praha: A sculptor made marble to sing (18. 4. 2004)

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