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Marble musical instruments


The statue was created in Prague in 2004 and it is the author´s first production that was transported abroad, directly to Greece, the Mecca of sculpture. Here it was fast fixed to a marble pedestal just under the Greek heaven on the Czech ground in exterior of the Czech Embassy in the Athens on the occasion of the paralympic games.

The statue has been cast in bronz and it bodies an athlet at the starting moment of the discus throw directly from the inner ring edge. Even a multiple medallist and a legendary discus thrower Imrich Bugár was invited to co-operate and to pose as a model for a statue´s study photo.

The author is planning to return to this work and to create other variants of the discus thrower in different sizes. He has been attracted to it especially because of co-ordination of all mental and physical energy necessary to concentration and extraordinary effort. He also wants to show beauty of the human body that is pretty outlined in the motion rotations during absolutely exact, nearly ballet figures.