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Jan Rericha, Czech sculptor: marble violin, marble guitar, marble microphone, marble membrane, marble boat, Atlas, Discobolos
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Marble musical instruments

Jan Rericha, sculptor

Jan Rericha was born in August 9th 1975 in Prague.
Graduate of the Art School of Vaclav Hollar in Prague.
Member of the Stonemasons and Monumental Stonecutters Union.
Worked as a pedagogue and a teacher of aesthetics education, visual arts and courses of figurative painting.

I am able to make and deliver for you by your order:

  • bronze and stone statue of any size
  • genre and portrait painting - oil painting
  • various stone restoration work, including minor repairs
  • art equipment for your office, hotel and other commercial and non-commercial space

List of some works created by the sculptor:

  • Sandstone statue of the Atlas for the Baroko hotel, Prague
  • Monument of the President Edvard Benes for the Czechoslovak Legionnaires Community
  • Bronze statue of the Discobolos for the Czech Embassy in Athens, Greece
  • At the present time the sculptor is mainly focused on marble grinding, cutting and shaping.
  • On this field his principal works include playing marble violins and functioning loudspeaker membranes of marble (created in co-operation with electrical engineer Miroslav Ledvinka).
  • Newly also a floating marble boat and a marble organ pipe.


Czech marble violin displayed in Beijing

The original musical instrument, part of the Czech exhibition at the Shanghai Expo 2010, was accepted by Beijing Concert Hall. The violin is put on display as a priceless exhibit in a glass cube on a pedestal in the concert hall.

Photos on the bottom

Two small size allegories of four seasons of a year: Spring and Autumn and two small nudes present the artists endeavor to continue the classical line in decorative arts that is intended to harmonize the environment wherever these small art pieces are supposed to be placed.

The sculptor co-operates with the art foundry Bronze Atelier, Prague – Lysolaje.